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Wednesday 20th February, 2013

Creating a feeling of value & self-worth!

“A little job well done is the first step toward a bigger one.”

~ Napoleon Hill

A Sense Of Direction

Now is the time to …

enjoy the journey

Success is more of a process than an event. Great success is achieved after a long string of small successes. Most of us earn our stripes one step at a time, and we work our way up through the ranks. When we begin our careers, we are given assignments that are commensurate with our skill and experience. As we prove our worth to the organization, we are gradually entrusted with more responsibility and increasingly larger projects.

As you assume responsibility for one position, do so with an eye towards the next one. Do your absolute best every day in your job, but always plan for the future. View each day as an opportunity to learn something that will make you more valuable to the company or organization so that when the time arrives for promotions, your name will be the first one that comes to your boss’s mind. The Power Of Goals!

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Pay the Price

Dreams are wonderful, but they are not enough. It’s not sufficient to have a vivid picture of the desired result. To erect a magnificent structure one must also have a step-by-step blueprint of how to lay the foundation, support the structure, and so on. And for that we need GOALS!

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Every choice you make has an end result.

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The Power of Dreams

Create the life you want and live it!

Learn the art of strategic surrender and get more of what you want with half the effort!

The Principles of Authentic Power


The Principles of Authentic Power shows you that the best way to obtain happiness is to stop pursuing it. The present moment is all we have , and you can learn to live each and every moment of your life to the fullest.

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