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Friday 4th January, 2013

Creating a feeling of value & self-worth!

“The powerful force of a positive attitude shows the way for others to follow.”

~ Earl Nightingale

The Best Quotes Of All Time

What are the best quotes of all time for you? Have you ever heard a simple line that inspired you to make a major change in your life?

Has a quote ever changed your mind on an important issue or made you think about something in a different way? Do you just enjoy reading daily quotes, seeking a smile or a bit of motivation?

Everyone’s choices for the best quotes of all time vary based on what influences them. Please share your favourite quote below in the comments and tell us why you absolutely love it.

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. So help us share your :) with others and together we can make this world a better place.

The Law Of Attraction

Activate the full power of The Law of Attraction using the critical “missing piece” that powers you to automatically and consistently get what you want!

A Sense Of Direction

Now is the time to …

take control of your life

We all have restrictions in our lives. But, equally, we all have vast areas of untested capacity: to make a decision, to plan our future, to follow our paths. It’s easy to blame others for our inaction. It’s easy to blame our constraints. Take the initiative. Take control. Decide your own journey.
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Live with passion,

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